Sunday, August 4, 2019

A Miracle

My son Matthew's truck a few weeks ago.

Miracles do happen. Can you believe that anything actually survived this fire?
 Today Matt went to the yard to see if anything was salvageable from that fire and most of his clothes survived, his shaving bag and personal hygiene products survived, his tv and a case of water survived. 
 Of course it all has to be cleaned. Once he delivers this load to Laredo in the morning he is going to head to a Love's truck stop and do some laundry and cleaning.
 Of course someone took his money. $250.00 was gone. Matt was saving that money for his children's Christmas and for my trip in October so I could take the kids to a few fun places while I was in Reno.
 I told him that we would be fine with just my original budget but he said he started another jar for the kids and I should have around $500 extra dollars when I go. 
 I told him that was really more than enough but since this is a birthday trip he wants me to get them each a really nice gift and take them to a few fun places.

 Miss Edna honey you was so right when you called today. That nap lasted until almost midnight tonight. I awoke to both boys standing over me to make sure I was alright. I said "Yeah I am just sleeping."
 But I was awake and so I am up. I am super sorry if I fell asleep while we were talking on the phone. I am sure I snored more than a couple of times in your ear.
 I started reading a David Baldacci book called "Camel Club" which he does incredible writing. I liked the other books in this series and I hope that this one is as good. My favorite tho was Absolute Power and I read that one twice.
 Anyway I fell asleep and I slept really hard. Laurie and the kids came tonight to pick up another load of their things and I never heard them.
 Jonathan said that they were Loud as Hell and couldn't believe I slept thru all that noise. lol. Well I was really tired. Not sleeping the past week had finally caught up with me.

 Well my Lammas bread turned out just awful. 

 It looked ok but it didn't taste ok. I took one bite and mumbled... "what the hell" and tossed the entire thing out. The fact that I baked it was good enough. I never ever have good luck when I use the bread flour. 
 I am happy to say that my blueberry bread was very good. I knew it would be.

 It was cooling in this photo above. After I turned it out I sprinkled confectioner sugar on it. 
 I had a slice and I put some butter on it and savored every bite. 

 Then after I had eaten it Karyn came home and said we were taking Nathan out to dinner for his birthday. We went to a new place we wanted to try called Lupe Tortilla. 
 From the awesome drinks (Margaritas) to the entrée everything was awesome. Karyn told them it was Nathan's birthday which he was mortified, she asked them not to do the sombrero hat and the singing and they brought us a flan that was just to beautiful to eat but of course we did. It was topped with homemade whipping cream and lush raspberries and blackberries. 

 Today I went to the annual rummage sale at the church in Pflugerville. It was really awesome. They had lots of Christmas decorations but I didn't get any. I did pick up a really nice sweater and a Baby George Forman Rotisserie that had all of the pieces and works. 
 The fun thing is that this is the same place that gives away the free produce. Everything was free for one hour today. Trust me when I say that one hour lasted several more as I am sure they wanted to get rid of as much as possible. 
 I did get a lot of books. More books than I needed but a couple for my collection and several from the True Blood series of Sookie Stackhouse. 
 I loved True Blood. I hated it when it ended and then of course the death of one of the characters in real life. I can never remember his name but I loved loved loved him. I think I cried all day when I heard of his death. So sad that I cannot remember his name just now.

 I guess that I will go and try to sleep some more. Tomorrow I have to shop for some cleaning supplies and paper products. We are out of everything and it is my turn to buy what is needed so I will need some sleep to deal with our Walmart.
 Take care and have a great day or evening... BB


  1. Yup, I knew it! The same thing happens to me. I try for a nap and wake up hours later. I couldn't sleep, so I've been up all night. I put the time to good use by trying to figure out different meals. It's going to take some time.

    I love rummage sales. They bring back such wonderful memories of years gone by. We don't seem to have many of them around here. Too bad.

    Deanne had all the little ones Friday and yesterday. That's Jack Jack, Lilah, Alima, Aurora and Xander. By the time they all went home last night, she was pooped!

    Now I'm off to see about a bit of breakfast. You have a good sleep, and I'll chat with you later today. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. The best miracle of all is that your son survived that fire. I bet to you, little else mattered. And you must have been really tired. Sometimes our body just lays us down for a good hard sleep, because we need it. Lots going on in your world

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