Monday, May 30, 2022

Memorial Day 2022

 Have you ever seen a bowl like this? This bowl is sort of like a exercise bowl, it makes the kibble a little hard to get, but not impossible. It slows the dogs down so that they can digest their food and not just gulp it down all at once. They have to work for it and it is so fun to see them trying to get the kibble out.
 I think that I might get one for Bosley, one of the dogs I take care of because he gulps his food and then wants the other dog's food. They are not all that expensive and one site even offers if you buy 2 you get a third one free. I think that it was Chewey's but I am not sure because I looked at so many.
 Oh, and they come in such colorful designs and patterns. I would have trouble just choosing a pattern lol, but I bet that I would get hi m something like this but in orange. He likes the color orange. 
 Then I would feel guilty about not getting the other dogs something. I guess that I will find something because they love everything.

 This can be found at any pet store and of course you can order it online. There is so many different designs and they come in small, medium and large, The inserts come out so they can be washed and they are dishwasher safe!

 Wow I sound like an advertisement.


 I just posted on Miss Edna's blog that I have been having a hard time with my blog. I have started it several times but I just couldn't think of anything to say. My brain was just blank.

 The truth is that it is still really blank, but I do have a few things to say. My neighbor next door has Covid. I called my doctor because well I have been in the house, touching the counters, the dog dishes, the doors to let them in and out, touching the same surfaces she has touched before she found out she had Covid, so Jonathan and I are quarantining, and it has felt very lonely even though our routine has really stayed the same so I don't know why this feels different but it does.

 Jonathan made spaghetti for dinner last night, and my neighbor that has Covid, her mom, Pat dropped off some medicine for me and a large bowl of watermelon. 

 It was so sweet and juicy, and it was just delicious. Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits, and I could eat it every day. But with diabetes I have to watch my fruits because of the sugar content. It took a lot of willpower when I was first diagnosed because I usually had some sort of fruit in the mornings and late evenings. I miss fruit a lot more than I miss the sweet cakes and pies. I am a fruit person!

 I really need to clean the house. At least organize a few things and then Jon can sweep and mop, but I am super lazy today. It is hot and humid. At 9:00am. it was like 85F outside. I don't know what it is right now but it is hot inside our house. 

 I figured the volleyball court would be packed with the players but the court is free of anyone. I understand because that sand is probably really hot and they play barefoot. But I was prepared to sit outside and watch them for at least a little while, but they might have a game later today after it cools off.

 They had a game yesterday and I laughed my tail end off. It was so funny. One of the guys, a big muscular guy missed the ball over and over and over. After about the fourth or fifth time, he was like, "What is going on with me?" Everyone ribbed him and they all laughed With Him and thankfully Not At Him LoL.

 Well, I'll be, I did come up with a few things to talk about. Now I am going to go find something to snack on and maybe take a nap. Hugs everyone and have a great day/evening! BB

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  1. I have seen those dog bowls advertised, though I've never had Olga use one. She gulps her food too, but it doesn't seem to bother her. I think dogs are just made to eat fast, before anyone else can steal their food!

    I hope you're doing OK, Beth!


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