Saturday, December 24, 2022

Merry Christmas


This is a picture I found of my beloved Cisco. Not a day goes by where I do not miss him. He was not just a pet to me and our family, but our baby boy, or sometimes we called him our little man, but to me he was my baby. Here are some other photos that I found with him and his beloved toy from Auntie Miss Edna. He just knew everything package that we received was for him and mostly it was lol.

He had many toys from Miss Edna, but this one remained one of his very favorite right up to the very end. He had his own bed (a gift from Miss Edna) that he used for his naps but at bedtime, he was up in the bed with me. 

 Gosh how I miss him. I have Foxy now and I love her, she is my baby girl, but I miss my boy. 

 He never left my side when I came home from having my kidney removed. He stayed as close as he could get to me and became very territorial. Not in a bad bad way, but he wouldn't let Foxy near me and was very selective about who could actually come close to me. 

 He only left my side to go eat and potty and he was right back close to me. I was in a lot of pain because they had given me liquid pain medication and they had the wrong dosage on the bottle, so I was not getting the proper amount.

 Karyn actually called the doctor, and they said that no wonder I was in such pain. They called me in medication that was in pill form and poor Nathan, he walked all the way to Walmart which was a 5 mile walk just to get my prescription. He was able to catch the bus back home but had a bit of a long uphill walk just to get back home. 

 Cisco allowed Nathan to get as close to me as much as he wanted to, but Jonathan not so much. Only when I told him to back away would he grudgingly agree. Jonathan and Nathan had to help me up and down, so I needed their help, but Cisco didn't think so.

 Cisco laid to actually support my right side which was the source of my pain. They say that dogs can take the pain from those that they love, and I believe I would have had a much harder recovery than I did have if it had not been for Cisco. 

 I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with me. 

 We are having a small meal tomorrow. It is just Jon and I so we are having ham steaks with pineapple, stuffing with cranberry sauce and mac and cheese, baked beans and a salad. 

 We are going to have an old-fashioned Southern style dinner at Laurie's on New Year's Day. They are having Christmas at their house for the kids in the morning, but we can all be together for New Years, so that is when we decided to have our Christmas and dinner. 

 We are having our traditional dinner. Turkey and Dressing, collard greens, English pea salad, black eyed peas and what ever the else they decide to make. I am sure Karyn will bring stuff and I am going a day or so early to make the dressing and black eyed peas. Probably the collard greens too. 

 Oh and Steve, What Adrian had was actually a birth defect that is caught early after the babies are born. It has a name a mile long but we are just thankful that they finally caught it and corrected it.

 On that note I am going to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and call it a night. Foxy is whining at me to come cuddle with her so I am going to bed. It has been a long day. Have a Blessed Day and be safe everyone. Hugs to all... xx BB


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