Friday, November 18, 2022

Concerned Friends


 It's beginning to look a lot like winter in this final Autumn month. A friend of mine, actually two of them are in Buffalo New York and one emailed me to say that she has at least 6 feet of snow on top of her car and her roof may have to be cleaned off and that is a scary job! I am keeping all of my friends in snowy weather in my prayers.

 For those asking about Miss Edna, I spoke with her not quite a week ago and she was fine at the moment but having problems with her breathing and had to spend a night or two in the hospital. She has assured me that she is fine, just resting as much as possible.

 I am keeping this short, as I am not feeling well. I have been running some wicked temps and my doctor says that if I have another overnight temp, she wants me to go into Urgent Care tomorrow. I hope that the fevers stay broken, because tossing and turning in night sweats is not fun! And I just thought that I was over the Hot Flashes!! ha-ha... Jokes on me! 

 My lungs hurt, I honestly feel like I have Covid again, and if I do have to go into Urgent Care, I am going to have them do a Covid Test. We have used all of ours that we had here at home. I sure hope not, it was hard getting thru it, and I don't want it again.

 I will be back as soon as I can and I will send a note to Kyra and Angelica Star... Speaking of which, Angelica Star I do not have an email address for you. I am not sure how to reach you except thru my blog, and also, I am sorry about your eyes. I am having glaucoma problems and my retinas are detaching so my eyesight is not so good either. xx

 Please Be Safe and Take care of yourselves... BB


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  1. Thanks for the info in reference to Ms.Edna. I am very happy she is okay. She probably doesn't feel up to all the blogging anymore. Age makes a difference in all of us. Thanks again. Don't forget to go over to a russian dutch heart blog and let Kyra know. I am not a good commenter anymore. I can't see very well and it take me a long time to type because i have to correct a lot of mistakes.....Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours


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