Monday, November 28, 2022

I Hope All Is Well


Believe In You!


 I am hoping that everyone in the U.S, had a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you don't celebrate our Thanksgiving, I hope that you had a wonderful meal shared with friends or a loved one and had your own style of Thanksgiving, and celebrated just being with those that you love and thankful for a full heart and our many Blessings.

 I went to my daughter Laurie's house and Karyn came after dinner with her boyfriend's family then spent a few hours with us. Her boyfriend's mom sent me a huge plate with Ham and all of the trimmings along with a slice of pumpkin pie that I had last night.

 They took Jonathan a plate as well and visited him and Foxy for a while. He didn't eat his pie and ate my slice of Pumpkin. I saved the pecan pie for Jonathan but warned him that if he didn't eat it today then I would have it for dessert tonight lol.

 We had a nice bit of food, but not overly much. We didn't have that many leftovers and clean up was easier that way. It did seem that the dishwasher was going nonstop but I am sure that was to be expected with everything being cooked. 

 Laurie used a different kind of recipe for her sweet potato casserole. It turned out really good, but she said that she was sticking to our original for Christmas and not use as many nuts. It did have a lot of pecans but overall, it was really a good dish.

 I made the English Pea salad and green bean casserole. No one touched the green beans lol. Not that I blamed them. I didn't eat any of it either lol. No way was the younger two going to touch it if they didn't have to! I couldn't get Laurie to let me help with hardly anything. She only let me do the salad and green beans because I was already sitting at the table talking to Karyn and she finally agreed to let me do something. It was nice to eat someone else's cooking for a change!

 The next day was Cathy's birthday. My girl turned 14. She chose her cake and gold and black for her colors. I didn't get to take the pictures that I wanted because I left my phone charger at home and the one that I was using was slow as Christmas. It was on the charge all night and only charged to 37% the next morning. Something was not right with it so I barely turned my phone on while I was there.

 Cathy doesn't read my blog so I don't have to worry about her seeing my post so because she is so very artistic and loves arts and crafts of all kinds, I ordered her a Calligraphy set of pens and a workbook along with a drawing pad.

 She received a lot of charcoal, chalks, pens and pencils along with some cute moveable erasers and books to draw in as well as some crafts to paint and a really nice set of Fairies to paint and I gave her jewelry, but she didn't seem very interested except for sterling silver necklace that had beads on it holding small sterling silver feathers. She snapped that with the earrings right up and put it on. But the bracelets and other necklace sets just received a "Thank You NaNa" and on to the next gift to unwrap.

 I had planned to come home Friday night, but the weather was so bad that I stayed until around noon on Saturday. I was missing my routine and home by then and I am glad to be home. I don't think that I want to stay as long when I go for Christmas. I might get there Christmas Eve and go home the day after. Any longer makes it hard on me.

 My grandson's Dante 8 and Damien 9 were a joy to be around. Other than those two fighting we had a good time together. Damien likes to initiate and pick arguments with his older brothers. At one point I told Adrian, the oldest 15 not to argue with him. He wants to stall you by arguing and you arguing back is taking time away from what he is supposed to be doing. That is why he is arguing with you. Not because he doesn't want to do what he is told to do, but to delay it for as long as possible.  Don't argue with him, just go get your dad who will handle it. I have that boy figured out lol.

 Adrian and I are playing a game called Cue The Universe and Everything Else. It is a card game, but it is educational as well and he has taught me a lot so far. I received 2 very good cards called Mythic cards and they are pretty rare. Adrien was like... "No Way!" but yeah, I chose a deck and I had the card in one of the decks I had bought with my gems. It is pretty fun, but I need to learn a whole lot more.

  So that is how I mostly spent time with my oldest and then Dante and I just talked. He and I had some really in-depth conversations. All of my grandkids are super smart. Sometimes I have trouble keeping up with them. Even the youngest will surprise me with the topics he chooses to talk about. 

 Cathy is enjoying her room and she likes to read or spend time doing her drawings or painting. She loves Bumble Bees and so she has several art projects going of Bees in different stages and her mom found her the cutest desk lamp. The shade is shaped like a honeycomb and the pull chain is a cute little bumble bee. She has some wooden bees to paint, and one is a night light. Some hang on the wall and others will sit on her bookshelf.

 I have some laundry to do tomorrow. I don't have quiet enough for a full load today, but I should have a full load tomorrow. One thing is for sure, I am in no hurry to do any of it lol.

 Well, I guess this is about it for me so I am going to close and go lay down and watch a movie or read. Maybe I can get in a small nap! That sounds like a great idea as I didn't sleep well last night. 

 Please take care of yourself and be kind to others and keep safe! Hugs to all... xxx BB

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