Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Weekend

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 It is early Saturday morning and I am up only because I wanted to write my blog but kept getting distracted and every time I sat down to do my blog I ended up doing several other things first... such as....

 My mail. If my kids check the mail they put it all on my desk. They don't even sort it to see IF they have any mail.
 So that little chore took about 15 minutes, then I had to open my mail, shred the letters I didn't need and then file what I did need away.

 After that I decided that I would refill my water glass and so I did that. Then I thought that I had better use the restroom before I sat back down and that done I plopped my butt down in my chair but Nathan asked me a question so I turned my attention to him and we looked up the question on Google. That done I remembered I had to look into my notebook for some information on a password for a site that I needed and kept forgetting to do it so I had to get up yet again.

 But finally here I am and hopefully I can get this blog done now. Not that I have that much going on. It is rather mundane around here for most part. But today was out of the norm.

 Karyn worked from here Thursday and Friday. I happened to be up going to the bathroom when I heard her car alarm go off. I was just coming out of the bathroom so I opened the door and let her in.
 We talked for a little while as she had my little girl with her. Of course we were both delighted. 
 What better way to start the day than with Foxy kisses? So she and I had a nice little visit before she went looking for the boys. Matt won. She woke him up with Foxy kisses too. 

 Karyn said she heard me in the bathroom testing my sugar. I went to start coffee and apparently I passed out. I am not one to just pass out. According to Karyn I just fell backwards and landed hard. I hit my head on the kitchen floor. She said that I was out for about a minute or minute and a half. She tried testing my sugar but after 6 sticks she finally got a reading. She couldn't get me to bleed.I don't remember any of this and I spent most of the day in the emergency room.
 They kept me because I hit my head and being on blood thinners is serious with a head injury. 
 A mild concussion and several hours later I was back home. I don't remember much of the experience other than drinking some orange juice and the interns  taking me in for a cat scan and the ride home. 
 I had Karyn stop and get me something to eat and I came home and laid down.
 I had several phone calls so I had Matt to turn my phone off.  I don't know if I ever turned it back on or not. I will check it when I go to bed in the not so distant future. I am really tired and they warned me tomorrow I will feel like I have whip lash all over my body so that pesky phone may just stay shut off until I feel better.

 My vision is really blurry but that is from the concussion. It should clear up in a day or two. As a result it is taking me a bit longer to type so if you see any mistakes I hope that you just overlook them.

 One of the things that my son Nathan and I share is our love of the night skies. When he was around 11 or 12 I bought him a small telescope for Christmas one year. Wow did we and especially he have a wonderful time with that instrument. 
 He wore it out actually and I was thinking of replacing it when he decided he wanted to go to Reno to school. By the time he graduated he decided to come to Texas instead of back to Vegas with me so I never got him another telescope. Tonight we had to go out and take a look at the sky. 

 March 3rd, the day that we all get to Florida, that night we should be able to see the International Space Station as it fly's over head of us. 
 I hope that we don't forget about it or that we are not to tired to go out and look up. 
 If all goes as planned I should get an email telling us what time it is to fly over us. As long as it isn't too late or in the wee hours of morning we might get a chance to see it.
 One year Nathan and I got a chance to see it really close to earth. We could make out various parts of it although we didn't know the technical names of the parts but we really enjoyed it. It was stationary at the time so we were really lucky to have been able to see it. We bemoaned the fact that we didn't have a telescope lol.

 Well Matt just got on to me for being up so late. It has taken me over an hour just to type this little bit because of my vision so I guess that I should go to bed now.

 You all take care, have a fantastic Saturday and be safe... BB

Monday, February 11, 2019

Another Late Night

Playing around.... 

 Hello Monday,
 It is late here. Nearly 3:00 in the morning. I am going thru another insomnia round of not being able to sleep. But it has been alright.

 My son Nathan and I don't really get to spend much quality time together because of his crazy work hours. So when we get a chance to do so we make the most of our time together.

 He eats really different from the rest of the family. He cannot have gluten so he gets frustrated when Jonathan is really inconsiderate and orders a Pizza for dinner and knowing he can't have any.
 So to combat this we have been preparing him meal portions and freezing them. I have joined him in not eating gluten when it is he and I and frankly I think that we should all eat gluten free foods. It tastes basically the same as regular foods. Gluten free foods just cost more. It is a shame but it is the truth. 

 Tonight we chopped 4 different kinds of bell (sweet) peppers. Red, yellow, orange and green. We bagged them separately in Ziploc sandwich bags and then put them in a larger bag into the freezer. All he has to do is just reach into the freezer to get a few spoons of how much he needs and not have to spend the time washing and chopping. And the biggest benefit is that the produce doesn't go bad.
 We have onion and mushrooms cleaned and bagged as well. He has gluten free bread loaves in the freezer too. He just has to thaw and back the bread. 
Last weekend he made pasta with gluten free noodles so we rinsed the noodles after they cooled and packed them into single service size along with containers of pasta sauce.
 He also have stuff for making really nice omelets. I have also been hunting up some recipes for him too. He is buying the foods to make some soups next time we go shopping. 

 Anyway so that took a while for us to do. I was going to bed but I saw him in the kitchen and we started talking about ideas and what not and we ended up chopping and bagging and it was a nice couple of hours that we spent with each other.

 Other than that I have just been sort of lazy. Cold rainy and damp weather sends me to snuggle up in bed and read. My mama and I used to love days like this. Since I was a little girl. It is a good memory of mama and I that I really enjoy.

 A dense fog has moved over our area. It will be this way until almost noon tomorrow. They say that the sun could peek out at us tomorrow if this storm moves out of the area. I will believe it when I see it lol. They have been saying that for 2 days now. But just maybe the sun will shine for a few hours.

 I have one more thing I want to say and then I am going to bed. I really need to get up at a decent time in the morning. I need to wash my bedding and make some phone calls.

 Last night I checked my email and I had a letter from the U.S.O. I support our troops and signed up for one of their newsletters or emails and I opened the email and read it and the stories and so forth and at the end of the letter it asked to take a quiz for feedback. I love quiz's so I took it and asked the usual questions like select A-D for the best answer for yourself. The questions were  How important to do think support for our American Troops is... A: Very Important B: Important C: Somewhat important and D: Not important and so on.. this is not exact just an example from the top of my head.
 I answered them all and got to the last page. It was the very last question that just ticked me off.
 Of course they were asking for a donation amount and A-C was a donation amount. Then came D: No, you don't want to support American Troops.
 YES I DO!!!!!!
 I just cannot afford another donation. It has nothing with me Not wanting to donate to the cause!
 In my opinion they could choose different wording such as.... I cannot afford to donate at this time.
 I cannot make a monetary donation but what other ways can I support my Troops....

 Anyway I emailed them a letter and in it I expressed my opinion. I am not sure if they will respond or not but at least I got it off my chest. 

 Now I am going to bed... Have a great Monday and if you see the sun... say hi for me lol.... BB

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Winter Weather, Snow In Austin

Image From Free Site

 I hope that you will have a wonderful Sunday. In my little spot in this big old world, I am awake. I will not say wide awake because my eyes are finally getting a little droopy. 
 So I decided to spend a little while with Blogger and a cup of coffee. It is preferable to sit inside my nice warm house on this very cold morning. It feels like 29 degrees according to the weather app on my phone. Actual temperature is 34 degrees. 
 We have freezing rain and wind right now. Our high isn't supposed to get out of the 30's today. 
 Just this past week we were near 80 degrees for several days and now... wham.. Cold and Icy!
 Well... I knew this would happen when I put my bushes in the ground the other day. So I covered them with large paper sacks but my trash bags I planned to use to go over the paper sacks were too small.  I really hope that they make it. But if they don't then I guess it wasn't meant to be.

 Tonight I took apart my stove and cleaned it. I cleaned all of the counters and later today if I feel like it I will take apart my refrigerator and clean it as well. Last week I thought that I was out of one of my insulin. I called the pharmacy and they took the information down.
 Karyn and I went out to Cheddars for a bite to eat and stopped by the pharmacy to get my insulin. The girl said that it wasn't due to be refilled for another week.
 I spazzzzzed….. Karyn and I tried to figure out what the problem was and the girl said I needed to call my doctor because the insurance wouldn't pay for it until the 9th.. today!
 I said I would call my doctor and we left.
 Once we were home Karyn said "Mom are you sure you didn't just over look it?"
 I told her that maybe I did but didn't think so. She looked into the bottom bin and pulled out my unopen box of insulin. 
 I was relieved and annoyed at the same time and at myself. I looked in the bin. That is the only place I keep it so I know where it is. I still don't know how I over looked it but I was very thankful that it was there!
 Anyway I have caught myself over looking a lot of things. I keep misplacing things. I don't know how this happens. It just does. I still haven't found a couple of items just yet. It is aggravating. 

 I chose the image above because it is so beautiful and I just love pictures of the moon. Even as a little girl I was fascinated by the moon.
 Today I was playing a game when a quiz popped up. It was for a small Wicca shop so I decided to take the quiz.
 The name of the quiz was "What Kind Of Witch Are You?"
 It had 7 questions and I had to choose the answer that mostly fit me. They were fun questions and I really had to think because there were really more than one answer that fit me. But I didn't just click the buttons hoping for a higher score because I really did want to see if the description fit me. So I really had to think and visualize myself in these situations to see how I really felt.
 Well at the end of the quiz I was wide eyed with amazement. That answer fit me perfectly. 
 I am a Night Witch and my special connection is the Moon... not only that but I tend to work my spells, casting and cleansing during the moon phases rather than at any other time.
 I cannot tell you how many times I really do this. The last full moon I was really sick but that didn't stop me from taking my tools out to cleanse and charge. I also made a jar of tea with mint, chamomile, lemon and ginger. I was so sick with a stomach bug and that really helped me. 
  I am a night owl by nature and I have tried to reverse my schedule but I always end up right back up at night. 
 I do love the night.

 When we lived in Las Vegas it was a city that never sleeps. I loved the fact that I could grocery shop at 2:00 in the morning, or go and get a hair cut at midnight, or go to a specialty store, or out to eat any time I wanted to. I could go and see a show or a movie. And I worked all shifts so I could pick and choose and my boys were old enough that I didn't have to worry about them being left alone. Plus I had neighbors that watched my boys like their own.

 Even tho Austin is a big city and is always awake as well, it is still different. We have a 24 hour Walmart but not close to us and a grocery store but a lot of stores just are not open on weekends or they close early like 7 or 8 pm. It is so crazy that it is this way considering so many people work during the day and can't always get off in time to do things. 
 Jonathan is going to have to take a day off to go down town to register his car because the Department of Motor Vehicle's is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Right now they are discouraging people from taking off of work because they are working mandatory over time. 

 Anyway I really thought that was a cute little quiz and I don't take these little quizzes to heart most of the time. I usually take them with a grain of salt, but today it really did fit me. 

 Another thing that I have to do tomorrow is purge my stack of mail. I have a couple of bills I have to pay Monday and file away my important stuff.
 I don't get very much junk mail for which I am really thankful for. I get a couple of magazines and a few doctor statements. Most of my statements are all paperless and sent over the computer. I have been lazy with it the last few weeks. I toss it up on the bar after I glance thru it and now the stack has gone from a small hill to a mountain so I have to deal with it tomorrow. 

 I think that I am going to try and go to sleep now. It will be daylight real soon. It will be cloudy, gray and cold so I think that my bed will feel really nice. 
 Take care and have a great Saturday... BB

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Texas Bluebonnets

Texas Bluebonnets. I love this flower!

Good Morning,
 I really love this flower. It is our state flower. The story goes that First Lady, Ladybird Johnson when Lyndon Baines Johnson was President made it her mission to beautify our roads and lands. She had bluebonnet seeds spread all across Texas. 
 Today we can see the bluebonnets nearly everywhere. When we see them popping up then we know that Spring has truly arrived. A while back I posted about taking a trip to Fredericksburg with my daughter Karyn. We are going down during the Spring so we can enjoy seeing these gorgeous flowers everywhere in masses. 
 I have another photo but decided not to post it. It was  an April Fools joke but it sort of back fired. People actually thought that it was real. It went crazy over the internet for a couple of years. 
 It is of a rattlesnake called the Bluebonnet Rattler. It is gray with blue markings said to have evolved since rattle snakes are very prevalent in bluebonnets.
 It is scary but I do believe that beauty comes with a price and that in our case  is rattle snakes. But as with everything we just have to be aware of our surroundings and be cautious. I am not a fan of any kind of snake but if you want to take a walk in the bluebonnets please do! Just take a long stick with you and make a lot of noise.
 I truly believe that some creatures are more scared of us as we are of them. Just use your stick to hit the blue bonnets as if your thrashing wheat as your walking and they will go the opposite direction if any are close. 
 Most people that are bitten are the ones that sneak up on them. So don't let the thought of rattle snakes scare you away from enjoying these gorgeous flowers.
 Oh and by the way, Texas blue bonnets are not the only types of flowers that snakes of all kinds love. Lavender fields and tulips and many others are also homes to creatures of all kinds. 

 It is damp and dismal in my corner of the world. On Monday I rode with Jonathan to pick Nathan up from work and we were so surprised. The sun peeked out from a few clouds for about 2 or 3 minutes. We were like... Look it is the sun! LOL.... 
 I have never seen this much damp and rain since the month of June 1983 when my son Jonathan was born. It rained heavily every single day that month. 
 My son Jonathan was one of the first babies born in the new hospital and during his birth they said that the storm was so bad that it blew in the revolving door in the lobby. 
 It hasn't been that bad for us this month tho we have still seen a lot of rain, the last couple of weeks it is just drizzling. Today is the last day of warm mild weather. It is supposed to turn cold and miserable starting tonight.
 Matthew is home for a few days. Sad to say this job didn't pan out for him. He is so mad at himself for turning down an offer from Tyson Chicken to go with a friend (Not a good friend either). 
 At first everything seemed ok but the truck kept breaking down, and his friend has anger management issues and Matthew has no idea how to deal with that. 
 The owner doesn't want to pay him for the last 3 days that he worked and Matthew had to threaten to call the police to be able to get his belongings out of the truck. 
 Well anyway he is going to move back up north to be close to his kids. He has several job potentials there so I really hope it works out for him... but I regress...

 Yesterday Matt and I raked the front and back yard and he planted my two bushes. I was a bit leery of planting them knowing it could get really cold but I can cover them if I have to with some paper bags and burlap. 
 They were going to die in the pots that they were in so they had to go into the ground. If they don't make it well at least I did what I could with them over the winter.

 All of that work really wore me out and that isn't taking into consideration of the cleaning I did. When I did get ready for bed my son Nathan was in miserable pain with his mouth. He has a couple of teeth that are hurting him. When he gets up we will call the dentist office and get him an appointment. He has been up most of the night and I right along with him. I went to bed several times but I heard him up and then I was awake. I will be going back to bed soon. I am really tired.

 I have some things that I have to do first before I can rest so I will close for now and get my calls taken care of and my chores done. You all have a great day and I will talk to you all later on... BB

Saturday, February 2, 2019

I've Been Rising and Shining Most Of The Night

Snowmen need to listen to their Snowwomen! LOL

 I slept so much yesterday that I could only rest a little while before I had to get up and move around. I think that I am trying to catch cold. I have been hot and sweaty and then cold and chilled, but for now I am up.

 I caught up on the news, read some blogs, watched a few videos and played a game so I thought that I would blog for a bit before I lay back down. I wanted to wait until some of my family was up so the light wouldn't bother anyone. Now that I can see to type without making a thousand mistakes I hope I can find something to blog about.

 I will be going out soon to see if my bats will be coming in from a night of hunting. I am not betting on it because it has been misting rain and it is still gloomy and damp. I dried off my chair but it didn't do any good because my chair was wet again when I walked out. I was just so hot I needed some cooler air. 

 The fish tank has to be cleaned today. I asked Matthew to do it for me yesterday but either he forgot or he forgot on purpose! I am betting on the latter. He is going to do it for me today tho. I need for him to do it for me. I am still feeling a bit sluggish.

 So my friend Patsy sent me a 65 bit memory card for my new tablet only for us both to realize that we need a micro sized card and also a micro size wireless mouse. I will be sending this one back to her as she will probably need it at some point. 

 So I will have to go on to Amazon and order them. I wish I could order both of them and they be delivered at the same time but they don't work that way. One is free shipping and the other has a fee. But before I do that I am going to see if Karyn will take me over to Fry's or Office Depot and see if I can get one. I know, I know, I want instant gratification. 

 I need to do some cleaning sometime today but I am thinking that all I am going to get done is my laundry and some dishes. I just put a load of laundry on, so I am a step ahead of myself. It's going to be a long day I do believe. As my family is stirring I should start my dishes but I think that I am going to go out and look for my bats and hope that they are out. I really do enjoy watching them.
 So until later, I wish you a fantastic weekend.... Starting with today! BB

Thursday, January 31, 2019


Wishing for Spring...

 I am trying to stay awake today but I am thinking that is a lost cause. I don't think that it is the weather, but in part it isn't helping by being chilly and dark gray over cast. 
 I took this photo two years ago at the apartment building where I lived. I took it the same day that I returned from a visit to Florida. This is early March. I just couldn't believe it. Usually it is late May before we get blossoms and blooms. 
 We already have trees trying to bud out. I really do believe in climate change and global warming. Our planet is trying to swing early warm temps tricking our trees and plants into thinking that it is spring. Oh well. It is what it is..

 I have been trying to unpack a box a day. I am not doing that today tho. I am just way to tired. That is what happens when I over do it and then the next day I am just drained. So being lazy today is a gift to myself. I am alone today. I have one day a week where I don't have to do anything so I usually take Thursdays off. It works out for me. I can just do what ever I want without having to listen to the boys blare the surround sound, play their video games or guitar. I can enjoy the quiet on Thursdays. It is so nice not to have all that noise. I usually don't mind it but sometimes I really get tired of hearing it. 

 I went to check and see if the boys put the trash bins out to the curb and see if they garbage ran and more especially to make sure the boys didn't forget.
 They put out both bins so I brought them in. They always put out the blue recycle bin and it runs every other week so I drug that one in too. They ran last week so they forget. It is okay tho. As long as they remember to get the trash out I am happy ha.

 When I looked out this morning there was a package. I was thinking who sent me a package and then remembered it was my friend Patsy. She sent me 3 pairs of micro flannel jammies. They are awesome. I am wearing one pair now. 
 I knew she had gotten them. They have a 99 cent everything store where she lives. (I really miss that store.) and she got her some and some for me. She also put in a 64 bit scan disc card for my new tablet. She had an extra and she gave it to me. 
 Thank You Patsy. I love these jammies and very happy with the card!

 Is it ever too late to send out thank you notes? I use to be so on top of that. I was raised to send out thank you notes and raised my children to do the same but in recent years I have gotten away from that I am ashamed to say. 
 I enjoy sending them out but since I never get to the store anymore I forget to pick them up when I am going.
 I recently got Amazon Prime so I can now order what ever I need and I am very happy that I am thinking of things to get such as cards and stationary. And I do know that a late thank you is always better than no thank you at all... So expect some form of thank you from me!!!

 My list is growing large for household items I need to pick up at the store. We are getting out of everything.
 Laundry soap, dishwasher tabs, paper products etc. And I have a few wants on the list as well. I want to find a small mirror with a stand. I want a small one but all I have found is a large one. I am sure that I will find it.
 The main thing that I am looking for is a clock radio with a timer. I love listening to music as I sleep and would like for it to turn off after about an hour after I am asleep. I found a nice one online from Walmart. It's less than $30.00 and free shipping so I plan to buy that for myself. 
 It is super nice. It also has 10 settings of what they call sleep therapy. It plays a babbling brook, the sounds of the ocean, a thunderstorm, wind chimes, etc... I had one on my phone but it runs my battery down really fast and didn't have a timer. 
 So I know I will really enjoy the radio.

 My son Nathan has Celiac disease. He really hurts all over when he eats Gluten so we are buying Gluten free food and last night he bought his food for the next couple of weeks. I found a great website that offers Gluten free recipes. 
 When people look at him they think that he was or is a major drug user because his teeth are all rotting. He is not a drug user and it bothers him that people think that about him but this disease has really ruined his smile.
 His dentist wants to pull them all and put in implants. He is trying to find insurance to help him get that done. I have looked at several and even called the dentist office to see what kind of plans that they can offer him. 
 How incredibly high! The cheapest I have found so far is $500.00 deductible and $265.00 per tooth. And so far that is the cheapest. Poor kid has to do something. He is only 27 years old.

 Ok so this is it for me today. I think that I am going to catch up on a couple of tv shows and close my eyes for a while. Y'all take care and have a great day... BB

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

It Is All About.....POGO

It is getting close to Valentines Day and I am in a loving mood. I love all pets and some I love just a tiny bit more because they have captured my heart. 
 I miss my Cisco so much but I know that he is happy that I have Pogo to love... even if it is long distance.

 So I have been a tad busy the last couple of days. I wanted to post last night but after dinner I suddenly got lazy. I turned on my little tablet and searched for a show called Americas Worst Cooks. 
 I didn't find it but I did find the clips and I watched it and laughed my butt off. Then I discovered the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials from years ago and after that I watched the new ads coming out for the Super Bowl and after that I watched Dateline and started falling asleep. So that is why I didn't post last night like I normally do.

 I have a program on my computer called Fotofunia. You can get it on Google play store. You might can find it at your own play store I don't know but it is worth a shot at seeing if you can.
 I love this little program. I have made a lot of pages with it and some pages I have gone in and played with a photo and then turned it into a scrap page. 

 Tonight I decided to do that before I posted and as I was playing around I found a few effects and category's that I had not tried out and Mr. Pogo won in the photos I chose to play with. 

I love this one. It is going to be really cold where he lives and he loves looking out the screen door waiting for Joe to get home. With the weather the door will be shut so he and his mama can stay warm so I put him in the windows so he can see out.... Isn't he handsome?

And if you notice he is guarding the Chocolate candy store... Thank you Pogo, there are a lot of chocoholic's out there... haha... I am one of them!

My boy and his Mama.....

I tried to upload one of the photo's I made but for some reason it keeps saying upload failed... Well it was my favorite and a special one for Miss Edna. I will have to think of some other way to get it to her if I can't figure it out here...

Well I found some information on it and it said that my computer doesn't support the file format. 
 So I will work on it a bit more. I don't want to say what it is because I might can go in and resize it and the format and be able to post it later.

 Yesterday was such a gorgeous day. It was 71 degrees, plenty of sunshine and I was out side just doing nothing, It felt good to sit in the sun and meditate. That didn't last. The temps started dropping and a heavy wind came in. It was 29 degrees last night. It wouldn't have been so bad but the wind is what made it miserable.
 It is funny, I am an Air Sign and it is my element, but I do not care for wind. I do prefer wind to fire tho so I will take it lol.

 I made up for my laziness today tho. I disinfected the bathroom, washed the bath rugs, changed the bedding on my bed and washed my blankets. Cleaned the kitchen and cooked dinner. I also swept the house but tomorrow I need to mop it.
 It is getting cold.
 I am worried for a lot of people right now. They said that the Antarctic is warmer than the U.S. right now and especially next week. Several States like North Dakota and Nebraska 8 states total will shut their mail down. Their trucks can't run. The fuel is freezing up. Some planes can't take off either. They are spraying with the de icing liquid but that is freezing too. 

 I worry about the animals that are out in the cold that have no shelter and the homeless people that can't get to a shelter. I pray that they will find shelter to get thru this.
 Many animal shelters are taking in as many as they can and churches and schools are opening up to anyone that needs them, so I really hope that people take advantage of shelter during this hard time.

 I really have to crack down tomorrow and do some reading and study for the course I am taking. Mostly it is just reading but I haven't been doing what I need to do so I have to get with it.

 I will close for now. I am getting tired and it is morning already so I need to go to bed. Have a wonderful Tuesday and until next time.... BB

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Cold Wet And Damp

A page that I colored over the weekend....


 This is a page that I colored over the weekend. I made a copy of this one and have it along with a few more that I have done from my adult coloring book that Miss Edna sent me for my birthday a couple of years ago. 
 Daughter Karyn loved it so I made copies of some of the pages and gave to her. Coloring relaxes her as well it seems.

 It is cold here for us.. Not for those of you in really cold cold cold weather, but for us it is chilly as we are used to winters a little more warmer. And it is supposed to get cooler the weather said. But our high today is supposed to be up in the 50's and then drop close to freezing by Tuesday. 
 I cannot and will not complain about the rain (at least too much) because this summer we will all be begging for rain. I have learned not to complain and just take it day by day. It would do no good to complain about something I can't change!

 I am sorry to have been away. We had a crazy few weeks. We had a death in our family and it was very hard. She had been on hospice since right after our Thanksgiving. The last few days she was just made comfortable and she slept a lot. 

 I was down for about 4 or 5 days with a stomach virus. I thought that it might have been something that I had eaten because I am the only one that has gotten it so far. Everyone else has had runny noses and coughs and sneezing. 
 I seen on my Facebook page where someone posted that worked in the health field said to take a cotton swab and put a little antibiotic ointment on the tip of the cotton swab and to rub it inside your nose because most virus's, colds and flu are air born and mainly we breathe it in so I did that as soo as I heard Jonathan sneezing.
 I have been spraying my can of Lysol disinfection spray too. 
 Matthew was very sick a couple of weeks ago. He ran a very high fever, body aches and I just know that he had a case of the flu. I had my flu shot and I was lucky I didn't catch it in spite of being in close contact with him. On the other hand I got the crud and had exposed him about 5 days before he came down sick. 
 Nathan became really sick. He came home from work on a Monday night running fever and cold and aches and pains. Mainly the fever and a bad head-ache. Thankfully he was off work the next two days and although he wasn't well he wasn't contagious any longer so his boss let him come back to work.
 By Saturday Jonathan was sick. A few days later I was just really tired but I did see Matthew during that time. Only for a little while as he came thru town. That night I came down with it. It was no fun at all. So I think that I gave it to Matthew when I seen him. He wanted me to see his truck and I went on a small run with him so I was in his truck and not surprised when he called me sick. 
 I was afraid that it would run thru the house again, but knock on wood it hasn't other than a few sniffles here and there.

 My doctor gave me some masks and gloves for when I go out to wear and I have them in my purse. My sister said the other day when she called me and I had the stomach virus she said "You all are the sickest bunch I have ever met. I don't know what is wrong with you all." It really hurt me but I cannot help that my immune system is compromised and I think that my kids have low immune systems as well. We all take vitamins and drink plenty of orange juice and wash our hands frequently. They all have had their flu shots so.... well anyway there you have it.

 Day before yesterday a friend of mine told me I had a package coming in the mail. It was a late Christmas gift. Yesterday Fed-Ex knocked on the door and handed me my package. Matthew grabbed it out of my hand picking on me... "I am opening it" he said holding it above his head laughing. I was laughing at him too saying "Uh Uh that is mine!"
 He cut the tape off of it and handed it to me... WOW was I surprised!

A tablet with an detachable keyboard.... I love it...

I really love it. It is just perfect for me to take to Florida. My computer is really so heavy and I will only be able to carry one carry on with me on the plane. Granted it is just a tablet but it will do everything that I want it to do so I am pleased. 
 I downloaded NBC last night so I can watch Dateline but I might have to uninstall it because for some reason it is not accepting our cable provider. I tried to download it to my computer too and same problem. We have AT&T U-Verse so we shouldn't be having this problem. I will have Jonathan look at it later on today and if he can't fix the problem I am going to have him call the company and see what the problem is.
 We get NBC on the big t.v. so we should be able to download the app. I want to try and download a few programs so I can watch them in Florida. I already have a couple of movies so I can watch on the plane and if go on a trip I can watch a movie while we are driving. Knowing me I will fall asleep on the drive lol.
 Last year I was watching a movie on the plane and we landed with about 15 minutes left for the end of the movie. Once landed I thought that I would stay on the plane and let everyone else get off and I could see the last of the movie but NO... The movie shut off. So I was hoping to catch the ending on the way home but my plane going home did not have the DVD player/Tablet and I couldn't remember the name of the movie so I think that the tablet will be great to have on my trip. 

 We have had to have a few things fixed around here. Our heat went out one day. It was cold too. I was lucky that my Land Lady was across the street doing some things with her handyman and he came over and worked on it and on Nathan's ceiling fan. It was coming loose from the ceiling. 
 The handyman said she was going to have to call in a Heat and Air guy and he came straight over and had it fixed really fast. He had the heat going before the handyman was finished with the ceiling fan lol.
 Now I am just waiting on another part to my dishwasher. It should be here this week. It should give me no problems after that gets put on. I really like this dishwasher. It is so roomy and I can take out the top rack and add big pots and tall tea pitchers and vases and things of that nature to clean easier than by hand washing them. 
 Now I noticed that my venti hood light and fan has stopped working. I will have Nathan take a look at it before he heads off to work.

 Well I guess that this is about all for me this morning. Have a wonderful and day and until next time, please take care... BB

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Hello Thursday!

This is from Bing.... I found it and just loved it so it is not mine. It is from the internet.....


 I just love bears. My mama did too so I guess it is one of our connections. She and my sister Susie use to cuddle up in bed when we were kids and she would tell Susie's favorite story when she was little... The Three Bears and Goldilocks. I wish that I could show her this photo. She would love it... 

 So I have been meaning to blog and have just been busy. Last week I helped my land lady clean the apartments across the street from me. It wasn't much but I did help load some garbage bags of junk and trash. 
 She had most of it done before I helped out.
 I also worked in my yard, the back yard. We had lots of leaves left so I managed to get another large out door bag filled. The raking and the sweeping left me sore but the exercise was good for me and wouldn't you know it... It is raining again. It has rained all week and Old Man Winter is knocking on our door this week. Back into the 20 and 30's starting Friday. I can deal with the cold but the wind is what I really don't like. 30 to 50 mph wind gusts but by Tuesday they should die down.

 Still we have rain tomorrow so that means that I cannot put out the bags of leaves again tomorrow. The 6th day that the compost truck picks up lawn and garden refuse. I am assuming that we will have a dry summer so I better not complain much about the rain. I just hope that it doesn't flood this spring.

 My son Matthew is home. He is sick. Very sick. He has been running 103 fever off and on for several days. He has slept a lot too. He and I laid down around 2 today and took a nap. He is still sleeping and it is almost 11:00 pm. I know that sleep helps to heal. 
 I am using Lysol to disinfect and hope that we don't get sick. Since we have already had all this crud I really hope that Jonathan, Karyn, Nathan and I don't catch it again.
 But family is family. We can't kick him out in the cold! I am sure that he is going to wake up and be up all night. I hope that he will be able to sleep a few more hours tho. I think his fever has broken and I say that because he has been sweating a lot. 

 Not much news going on around here other than keeping an eye on the weather. Tomorrow is Jonathan's late night. I was just talking to him about dinner tomorrow night. 
 I am making pork chops and mashed potatoes and gravy. I haven't made pork chops in ages.  We love pork chops. I got a great deal on them at the market too.

 I have been having a blast with my little granddaughter Celeste. She has learned how to call me so we can video chat. She is such a mess!
 She has an awesome sitter and her mama tonight called me and was singing her sitters praises. I am SO Happy that she has someone who is so awesome caring for her.
 Not only does Courtney come home and Celeste has had her bath dinner and in her pj's, her sitter has helped her with laundry, cooked dinner, cleaned and Courtney said tonight, that she is not paying her for all she is doing and the sitter told her... We have agreed on the pay so what I do is what I want to do for you. 
 Her sitter, (sorry I don't know her name) takes Celeste to her house, on errands, and does things with her. I told Courtney it is so good for Celeste and the sitter is an older woman. 55 years young and use to teach school so she is working on teaching her how to write and spell her name and prepping her for kindergarten and since she comes to Courtney's house she doesn't have to drag her out and into the cold every day. 
 I told Courtney that this woman dropped from heaven for her. Courtney is friends with her daughter so she has known her for several years and Celeste loves her. So that is awesome and she said that Celeste's attitude has completely changed. She was crying and having problems at her sitters house.
 I remember that she and I were talking and I told Courtney that this was not normal for her. Something was going on with her sitter. She has been in day care since she was 6 weeks old and never acted out and now she was and it was every day that something just wasn't right. 
 Celeste is now a very happy little girl and that is how she's always been and I am really glad that this woman is with my little girl.

 A lot of my time is spent also studying in my course. I am working with Crystals. Right now I am learning all types of crystals and their history. I have a test coming up on Monday so I really have to study a couple extra hours over the rest of the week and weekend. I am enjoying it so far. I never thought that I would be studying again lol... and I am also working in my Dream book that Miss Edna gave me. So I seem to have a bit on my plate right now.

 It is getting late so I am going to bed. I hope that everyone has a great day and I will be back soon.... BB

Monday, January 7, 2019

You Have To Be KIDDING!

Hello and Good Morning,
 I had a restless night last night. I tossed and turned for a long time and finally I just got up. I needed to visit the bathroom anyway and I had opened the door and Jonathan and I ran into each other. 
 The hallway was a bit dark. I had my lamp in my room on so it wasn't a lot of light. I don't know who was more startled. He gasped and stepped back and I did the same. Fight or Flight. Well he went back to bed and I was like I think that I am up now. So I flipped on the coffee pot. 

 While waiting for my coffee I was thinking that I would get a really good start on working in the yard today. I made my coffee and walked outside. I sat down in my chair and sighed. It was going to be a beautiful day. 
 Then my moment ended as rain drops started falling.

 YOU Gotta Be Kidding Me! 

 I looked at the weather last night before going to bed. No rain in sight for the rest of the week! 
 I am going to have to seriously yell at The Weather Channel and my local News Weather man/girl and ask them what the heck is going on?

 Well I guess since it is wet I will scrap those plans for today. But that is okay. It is Monday and I have my household cleaning list that I need to take care of.
 I have a pretty neat system. I clean one room a day. Monday's are the bathroom, sweeping and a light mopping. 

 I am going to work on my altar cloths today. I am not going to decorate them but I do need to wash them and cleanse them. They are baby blankets of my grandchildren in California. 
 The image at top is one that I borrowed from the internet. I think that is so pretty and I love fabrics.
 I have my tarot cards wrapped in a silk scarf and in a special box that I keep on my dresser. It keeps people from picking them up and touching them. I really don't like people to touch my things that are personal to me. The only time would be for a reading. 

 I am making some Potato soup for dinner tonight. And a pan of cornbread.  I have been wanting some for a while now. I would make chicken and dumplings but I don't have any chicken. We like potato soup on days like this. I don't mind the rain. I really don't but I am just a bit annoyed with it as I am itching to play in the dirt lol.

 I was reading an interesting article several months ago and I saved the pictures of a historical flood back in I believe 1935. I think that the one of the photos actually has the date on it so I might be wrong thinking that it was 1935.

 We have had 3 floods in 5 years. One was Halloween 2013. Then we had another that was actually over a period of several weeks. That was in October 2016 and then this last one was October 2018.
 All three floods were in October. 

 The one that was in the 30's happened in May. I have photos to share with you.

It was really bad... and very sad....

So our floods have been as bad as this one in 1935. But... the one in 2016 was heartbreaking. Not far from us is a small town. It had cabins that you could rent and this flood struck fast and during the night. I forget how many people died, but the rescuers never found the bodies of 2 small children. They still search from what I have heard. 

 Last week we had a man whose car was swept away. He was able to call for help from climbing a tree, and was rescued by a boat. With all of the hills here you can't see the water or where it is. Ok well enough of that so I will move on. I just wanted to share a bit of history. And it was in 1935. I checked.

 We need a sofa. Karyn was going to give us hers but I think that she is going to find a little studio for herself. She was thinking about room mating with a friend of hers, but she hasn't really committed to that as of yet. The reason is the woman just had a baby about 3 months ago and Karyn is not Maternal at all...She did put in her 60 day notice tho. 

 There is a really nice apartment building being built and should be ready the end of next month. She was able to see one of the models that was ready. She said she fell in love with it. But I don't know what she will decide but we are kind of waiting to see what she is going to do because we don't want to buy something if she is going to give us hers and I would hate to see her sell it or give it away to someone else because it is really a gorgeous sofa and very comfortable.  But we don't have room for 2 sofas and a love seat. 

 I just had breakfast, took my insulin and medication. I have one medication that I only take once a week, sometimes twice a week if I feel like I need it. It is a B complex vitamin and I feel like it is stuck in my throat. I know it isn't but it feels like it. I really dislike it when that happens... 
 Anyway I am getting sleepy so I think that I will lay down for a little while. Take care and have an awesome day.... BB


Saturday, January 5, 2019


Isn't this pretty?

 It was a gorgeous day. Our high for today was 73 degrees. Tonight will get chilly, down to 46 but I can deal with that!
 And tomorrow is supposed to be just as pretty as today. I have my plans already made. Raking the back yard. Every Thursday since we have been here it has rained so I have a lot of bags just waiting to go to the curb so they can pick them up. 
 Anyway I want to clean up my back yard. The rain has turned the soil onto the patio into sludgy dirt. I am not sure that I can explain it any more than that lol.

Karyn and Foxy are supposed to be coming and spending a couple of hours with us. We will see. She usually just pops in for about a hour and pops right back out lol. But I will have the Fox and ohhh her Lovey.
 Miss Edna sent her a Racoon that is just too adorable for Christmas. Karyn said once they got home, she guarded Lovey. I wish I had taken pictures. Or a short video. I never think of things until a bit later on. I hope I can get some pics when they are over tomorrow. I am anxious to see if they bring Lovey with them. 

 I have narrowed down my comforter. This one is in first place at the moment. It is purple. My walls are a very pretty medium gray for the accent wall and a soft vanilla cream for the rest of the walls. The molding is thick and painted a bright white. I have never had a purple comforter before. This is actually called Fawn. 
 Over at Macey's I believe it was, it was in browns. I didn't have a color option when I was searching. I found this one over at Walmart. It might lose it's status. Nothing is set in stone until I actually go shopping for it and I am thinking that I will wait until I get back from Florida. Who knows, I might find something I like there and mail it home. We will see. I love dreaming of things that make a house a home. But sometimes the Choices are hard to make. 
 Usually I just know what fits me and what I am searching for when I actually see it. If it speaks to me then I know it is the right choice. Intuition is such a good thing to have when it comes to things of this nature. Sometimes it isn't such a good thing, but I really think that this is the one or close to it. 

 The part to my dishwasher had to be ordered from Tempe Arizona. It came in Friday and the store owner called today to tell me that they will be here on Monday to put the part on. It is really simple. I could do it myself if I had a pair of channel locks but our land lady has already taken care of the part and the service call and he has the right tools. I would prefer them to do it in case something doesn't work right. But he showed me how to take it off and clean it for future reference. 

 Our neighbors across the street have moved out. (In the middle of the night)… It was a family of 4 in one apartment and the mother in the adjoining apartment. 
 I called my land lady to ask about the part to the dishwasher and told her that I hated that our neighbors moved and she said "Whatttt"?  For me it was an awkward moment. I thought that she knew.
 I wouldn't have known except I seen the electric company out front trying to get into the back gate. He told me he needed to get into the back to disconnect the electricity to both apartments. 
 I knew that they had a lot of company lately which was unusual so now I know why and I also seen a truck and her van there late last night. Oh well. But it is a pity that they seemed to have snuck out. 

 I was unpacking a box right after we moved in. I am going slowly. I want to make sure everything has a home before dragging it all out. Anyway I found my map colors, markers and pens. I was really excited. And I found a coloring book but not what I was hoping would be in the box. Since it was close to Christmas at the time I wanted my cards so I could send them out. I have already colored some. I am having a tad of a problem figuring out the envelopes but I will.
 I still have not found my Christmas Cards. I am sure I will find them in a box in July haha... 

 So I haven't told anyone about my latest project because I have just forgot to mention it but I enrolled in an online course. It isn't a college course or anything like that but it is an actual course for my own personal growth. 
 I am interested in herbs, crystals, and learning how to incorporate things into my life. I am especially interested in the moon and phases as well as coordinating with colors and days of the week and so forth. I chose to start at the very beginning. 
 I am very impressed with the materials. I really do need a printer because I would like to print these courses out. In the mean time I am saving to a USB drive. 
 Tomorrow Jonathan and I are going food shopping at Walmart so I will have the first lesson printed off. And the test. 
 If anyone is interested I will be glad to share the information and it is very reasonable. Just $6.00 dollars a month. I can work at my own pace. So I am glad of that.
 Now for something else. The woman doing this is awesome. She has helped me a lot with just regular chit chat. And she lives here in Austin. She sent me a couple of links to some groups for me to check out since I was telling her it is hard meeting like minded people. So I will do that as well. Right now I am saving for Florida so I have several things on hold at the moment. I can wait on some things because I don't want to rush things. 
 But after Florida I plan to get serious with my house and garden. And Dammit I want my dog!

 Speaking of which I am going to try and work a deal with my land lady and all she can say is no... so I am going to work extremely hard to quit smoking and cut out a lot of my little things like eating out and just keep saving as much as I can. But I think that she will go for the deal that I am going to propose to her. I will let you know....

 Alrighty  am getting sleepy. It is almost 1:00 in the morning, so I will close for now. I do have a couple of cute things I have gotten off the internet, mostly Facebook. 
 I wish you all a wonderful Sunday....

Don't you just LOVE those 5 seconds? Today I did my laundry and walked into my room and found my fuzzy robe that couldn't be washed with my clothes. I usually wash it with my sheets and towels. I didn't even get the 5 seconds before it hit my laundry basket lol....

I really love this one.... This happened to me last weekend... Jonathan snuck in and got the last mug or cup which ever you call it.... I am glad to have a coffee partner.... :)

I just love this.... Remember the commercial? Wow it brings back memories... She's a beauty!

Now this is just too adorable.... Ok so this is it for me tonight.... Take care! Please forgive any errors. It is late and my eyes are seeing double. I don't know what happened to my plans to have an early night haha....  BB

The Weekend

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