Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A Bit Drabby Here

Another gorgeous kit from my friend Rosie to our scrap group. This one is called Violette. Thank you for looking. The image is from a free site.

Good Morning,

 I hope that this finds you doing well. I am ok. I am having my good moments and my bad moments. It is normal I suppose to feel this way. I have tried to keep busy at times, and at others I just give in to the grief and cry myself to sleep. 
 I received some emails from the lady that took care of Cisco. I want to share a bit of one with you....

Hi Beth,
How are you doing today? I hope that you had as peaceful as possible of an Easter weekend. I know how hard it is when the routine changes and you are missing your sweet Cisco.

Words are never enough to make anyone feel better after losing a pet. I’ve never been very good about the whole cycle of grief that we are “supposed” to go through. I tend to just keep taking it day by day until time makes it a little less hard. My Miles passed in January and it still bothers me. There is no right or wrong way to feel about this. Take your time and take care of yourself. One thing that I have found very helpful is to write a letter to my pet. I write it all down – the good, the sad, did I miss something, describe their personality, my feelings, everything. When I go back and read it, I sometimes remember things I forgot. Not that I would ever forget my pet! But a little detail about that last day or something about their personality that I hadn’t thought about it in long time will come back to me.

The rain from last week turned our yard into a jungle. My husband needs to mow and tame it so we can send you photos. I’m going to scatter Cisco and another little dog in a few days when they are both done drying. I’ll send you pictures as soon as possible. For now, I hope it gives you comfort that he is going where there is lots of shade, it’s quiet, and we have lots of birds, squirrels and other wildlife. We have a family of cardinals that stay year round and a couple of wrens who just came back to their birdhouse to build their spring nest. 

I won't share the rest of the email's or the rest of this one, but I thought that you might enjoy reading this portion. It really is kind of her to email me. Not often do I see this kind of kindness and generosity for someone to take their personal time to sit down and to email me. 

 Yesterday I had an appointment with a dermatologist who looked at some spots that I have that has been worrying me. I have a skin cancer on my nose so she froze it and said that it might turn very pink and red and it might even turn black and not to worry.
 The one on the side of my breast was a mole I had from birth and it had to come off as it has been itching and the one on my inner thigh as well. We are not sure what that one is. It isn't a mole, but probably some kind of wart. She asked if I spent much time in the lake and I said "Every Summer" and she said that is where that one probably came from. 
 I should have the biopsy's back in a couple of weeks. She said if they all turned out well then she would see me back in a year unless something else comes up. 
 I use body moisturizing cream but she said my skin was really dry and sent me home with a large bag of goodies. One of them I used a lot when I lived in the desert but started using something different when I moved to Texas. I am not sure why but I will probably start using it again. 

 I barely felt the numbing. It was fast and quick and over before I could blink. Same with taking them off. But boy oh boy did I bleed. Like a stuck pig I did. Jonathan took me over to Walgreen's last night so I could get some better band aids and while I was there I picked up some more tissues. Puff's this time. They were on sale for .79 cents a box. I got the last 2 that they had that did not have lotion. I do not like the ones containing lotion. It leaves me feeling like I have something on my hands and nose and mouth. I prefer just the plain kind and I do like Puff's.

 It has been drabby and gray here today. Hopefully the sun will come out soon. We had another cold front to move in and the warmer moisture from Mexico mixed with the colder air from up north. It caused a lot of rain last week. We are supposed to have some severe storms again tomorrow. I really hope that they will move in and out quickly. Last week, some places got over 5 inches of rain. I thought that we would just get a tiny bit but it turned out that we got a lot of rain.

 Karyn and Joe have planted their orange and lime trees on Saturday. Karyn said they had a great time in doing so and planning a spring patio. I really wish that we could get more sunlight here at our place but I can stick to a little morning sun and be happy. I have cilantro, basil, thyme and oregano ready to put in little pots soon.
 I found a gorgeous fern for a hanging pot that I really loved and one with petunia's as well.
 Yesterday at the doctor's office they had the most gorgeous red roses. Across the street the azalea's were in full bloom. They were light pink, not the dark pink like we had in Florida but they were still pretty. I stopped and got a sandwich and I shared with the birds. They seemed happy to get little tidbits here and there.

 I guess I had better close for now. I want to share one more thing that was given to me on my Facebook page for Cisco....

 I hope that you enjoy this as much as I did.... Hugs to all BB

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