Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Double Post Today!!!!

 This page is of my friend Patsy's grandson. Photos used with permission. The kit used is called "My Baby Boy" designed by Bellisima Designs. You can go to her stores with these links.

Good Morning,
 This is going to be a short post and later on today I am going to make another post so be watching for it.
 My son Matthew and I are going to the animal center here and check out a little guy named Oreo! Sooooo I will be posting pics and updating my post so please check back in.

 Matthew is not feeling well but he really wants to take me to the animal shelter. He has a kidney infection and he went to the doctor yesterday and they gave him some antibiotics. I hope that he feels better soon. 

 WOE is my bed. It really does have a leak. I awoke this morning almost on the floor. We were going to look for the leak yesterday but he was feeling so bad I put off going one more day, but today it has to be fixed. I don't have the money for a new bed. I wouldn't have this one if Matthew had not bought it for me. I should just get a regular bed and box springs but if this one can be fixed then I want to keep it.

 I could not find a link to the direct website for Bellisima Designs. It kept taking me to Facebook. I did not apply all of the links to this page because there are a lot of them. I know that these 3 stores are good ones so that is why I chose them.

 Ok I have one other thing to share... Remember how I said that we have kids from the heart. We might not have given birth to them but they develop a place in a mothers heart.
 This is one of those kids. I have been really lucky as Kevin flew in from Ohio yesterday and spent time with us and then today in walks another kid close to my heart. This is Jay...

I was so excited to see him. Jay moved to Dallas to take a new job and I haven't seen him in about 6 months. But hopefully I will be seeing him more as he moved back to Austin. So I have been Blessed twice. Hopefully I will be Blessed at the animal shelter today as well.

 Ok so I gotta go..... Have a wonderful day to all.... BB

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