Monday, April 9, 2018

I Am Here Somewhat... Happy Monday!

This is an old scrap page. It is made with one of the kits that came with my Daisy Trail group. They are no longer in business. It was a sad day when they closed down. This is my grandson Alex.

Good Morning,
 So sorry that I haven't been online in the last 3 days or so. Not since my last post. I did have a flare up and then a combination of a cold and stomach bug. I turned the corner about 6:00 pm last night. I was able to get up and take a shower. Jonathan made sure that I had something to eat. He made me chicken noodle soup. He makes the best ever. I am feeling a little better. Good thing that I bought those Puff's awhile back. I sure needed them.

 We keep seeing signs of Cisco all over the place. Little reminders here and there. Jonathan came in from work the other day and came straight to my room. Out of habit as he would always come to my room and ask Cisco if he wanted to go out, and it broke my heart to see the look cross his face when he realized Cisco wasn't here with me. Habits, especially so many years of habits are hard when they are suddenly gone. 
 We still have his leash on the table next to the door, his food bowls are up on the microwave. I need to put them away. I will leave the leash for the boys to do what they want to with it when the time is right for them. 

 News is really short here as it was a quiet weekend. Nathan was called into work Friday and he will be finished with his shift tonight and will be off tomorrow and Wednesday. Jonathan and Karyn both had to work Saturday.  Nathan looked very tired last night when he came in from work. I expect him to finally get some sleep tonight and tomorrow. Jonathan is tired too. His boss had knee surgery. She is out of the office probably the entire month. 
 Karyn is really busy too as her boss is out for the month as she had surgery too. Funny that they both work in different offices but both Supervisors had surgery at the same time. I say the same time, but the same week and same month. So they are both sort of swamped right now.

 I expect Nathan to get called into work more frequently because they are short handed at the moment. I really hope they do not change his schedule. It is a comfort to me to know he is here or when Karyn is here, but since her supervisor is out she will not be here most of the month if any. 

 I had plans this weekend to take my night stand and put in my bathroom along with my small bookshelf so I would have more room in my bathroom. With the bookshelf my door will not open up all the way but I don't need for it to. It will open plenty for me to get in and out and it is small enough that it can be moved easily if I have an emergency. But things don't always go as planned and I can do it another day when I am feeling better and one of the boys is home.

 Matthew's roommate is home from the hospital and rehab. Matthew is glad that he is home. He wanted to come and get me last night and spend the night but I told him that I was sick. I hadn't gotten to talk to him over the weekend so he didn't know I was sick. I told him his roommate sure didn't need to be exposed to what I had just coming out of the hospital. 

 I guess I will close for now. My energy is fading fast. Jonathan is coming home for lunch in a couple of hours. I need to remind him to check the mail. My sister sent me a package. It is small enough to fit in the mail box, but he has forgotten to check the mail even tho I have reminded him about 4 times already. Sheesh his memory is getting as bad as mine lol....

 Have an awesome day to all... BB



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