Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Is It Really Wednesday?

Another page for my sister that I will add to her plannerr that I did a long while ago. My computer crashed a couple of years ago and I lost so much and I have no idea what kits I used for this but I was so lucky that it came up in my Facebook memories the other day. Thanks for looking.

 I just cannot believe that today is Wednesday. I am feeling extra tired and wonder if my potassium levels are up again. I go for blood tests tomorrow so they will be sure to check it. Then I have my yearly physical on May 3rd and have a notebook filled with questions and I need answers to. 

 I am not reading that Fire and Fury in the White House book. It is just so NEGATIVE.... I wanted to read something informative and good, but not this book. I will be taking it to the library soon. 
 The other book is good but not really what I am looking for. But it is interesting enough that I can read a few chapters at night before bed. I am not sure what I want to read. Not a romance, not a thriller, but something...
 Oh gosh what I would love to have a chance to read a new Erma Bombeck book again. I cried when she passed. I felt like I lost a dear friend. She would keep me laughing and I was always in a lighter mood after I finished one of her books. Too bad that there isn't many authors like her left.

 I am meeting the lady today that picked up Cisco and we are going to the front office to give some cards to the office to put out for people that might lose there pets. So many people have no idea what to do when they live in a big city. I hope that this process she has will help others. It was a comfort to me to know that Cisco would be handled with as much care and compassion that was possible.

 I really hate to just up and run, but I need to get a shower and do a few things before I have to leave for the office. I will leave you with a few funnies or some chuckles I found over the internet. Enjoy and have a very awesome day.... BB

 I hope that this brought a smile to your face.... BB

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