Friday, April 6, 2018

Another Day Alone? Nope!

This page is for my sister Linda's planner. This is her mother and father in law. They are the nicest people and very loved by my sister. The name of the kits used is Spring Tea and Song of Joy  

Good Morning,
 It is really early here for me. 8:30 and it is really nice out. I thought that I was home alone again today so I hobbled into the kitchen, turned on the light and started my coffee and then heard a phone ring. I was like... that's not my phone. It was Nathan's... Today is Friday. He is home from work today and tomorrow and goes back to work on Sunday. Sheesh... Me and my memory are slowly departing! I can't seem to remember anything right now.

 Today has been a week since I lost my little Cisco. It has been a long hard week for me. I have been comforted by the thought that he isn't in pain anymore. He was just so precious and he was loved and not just by me. Everyone who met him thought that he was a great dog. I just miss him so very much. I hated leaving him for any length of time because he would get so depressed. Jonathan bought a new laser light for him while I was in Florida to pep him up. He used to love chasing it around the house. I noticed that Jonathan has the light on his key chain now. I guess it is way of comfort.

 I am very tired because I sat up late last night reading. Jonathan and I after dinner both sat at the table reading. He went to bed as soon as he got home from picking Nathan up from work. But I was up an hour or so longer. I woke up this morning with a pain in my ankle and in my wrist. This is usually a sign of a Fibromyalgia attack for me. I got up and took my medicine just in case. It will relax me and make me sleepy but I will fight it for as long as I can. It is usually caused by stress and I have been stressed this week so I shouldn't have been surprised to have this flare up. Especially since I take my medication at night before bed. I am glad I have it. If I didn't have it I would be in terrible pain and have swollen red joints all over so thankfully this medication really helps me a lot.

 I had another lovely email from the lady that took Cisco. I talked to my manager here and she was going to find out if I had to put up another pet deposit if I got another pet and no I don't have to. That is good! Also I had asked her if she would be interested in some business cards and the post cards that explain the process since we have so many people here with pets and she said yes, she would make copies and put on the doors and she would put the business cards and post cards in the new residents packages. So I emailed the lady, her name is Karen by the way and she said she would be delighted in bringing some and taking to the office. I will go as well and meet her there.

 I am doing this because of several reasons. First of all, It is much more gentle than regular cremation and costs so much less. The pet cemetery is $400.00 and I have talked to a lady years ago when I had lost my Duchess and she told me that they actually bury all of the animals they have together. They dig a hole and put them all in and cover them up. 
 Now this was years ago but I think that is just wrong. My husband called a friend who took Duchess out to the family farm and buried her. He put huge stones on top of the grave so that coyotes wouldn't get to her.
 The second reason is I believe in being good to the earth. Toxins and emissions are terrible for our planet and if I can do my part then I find comfort in that. 

 Oh I do believe that I am having a Fibro flare up. Now the pain is up to my elbow and I am still hurting. The medicine hasn't had time to stop the pain just yet. I will have to have breakfast soon. I just hate clamoring around in the kitchen while Nathan is sleeping. He has problems falling asleep and has since he was a baby. He didn't fight it, he just couldn't sleep. He is lucky if he sleeps 3 or 4 hours a night. Anyway I will have to eat something because if this keeps up I will have to have a pain pill and it will make me sick if I take it on an empty stomach. Coffee isn't the answer lol.

 I called and I rescheduled my appointment for my blood work a day before my eye injection so I don't have to worry about going after the eye injection. They really are accommodating at this clinic. I really like it a lot better than the one I use to go to. 
 This one is also to check my potassium levels again. I told my heart doctor about how high my potassium was in Florida and asked what caused that and he said it is to do with the kidney. If it builds up it can cause kidney failure. He said that I should have gone to the doctor or hospital. I said well kind of hard since I was in Florida and we had no idea where to go. But now Edna and I do know where to go. We went to mail a package and the hospital was right there where we made the turn to go in. We took a left to get to the little mail place and the hospital was on the right.....  I also checked with my insurance and I am covered Nation Wide if I am out of my area for vacation or something so that is good. I just know that they would have admitted me and I didn't feel bad. Anyway as soon as I got home I went and had the tests and it had stabilized on it's own. I just have to watch eating foods with potassium and I can't believe how much is in a lot of foods. It seems that I cannot eat anything anymore without breaking some kind of "Your not supposed to have that" rule. Well geeze...
 They took my spinach away, my avocados, cheese and dairy, peanut butter, and a whole lot of my favorite foods that I could have with my diabetes diet.

 Oh I have good news. I got the lab results back on my biopsy's and they are benign so I was very happy to hear that. The one on my nose is a skin cancer, but it is a common one that the treatment for that type is to freeze it. Every day it scabs over a bit more. It will probably be healed by the end of the coming week.

 Well it is 72F degrees outside with a humidity level of 88% and cloudy. Our high is to reach 88F degrees today with a 20% chance of rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler. My discount for the Electric doesn't kick in until June so I am trying to be efficient with the A/C  but this humidity really makes it hard to stay cool without it. We would be miserable by noon if we didn't have it on now. 
 Gosh I remember growing up that we kept our windows open up to June. We moved around a lot and most of the time we just had a water cooler that blew water mist all over everything and everyone but we were thankful for it. And I never turned our A/C on  until June 1st up until I moved to Arkansas. It was very hot and humid there. Worse than here and the mosquitos were huge blood suckers. But here we have had the A/C on and off for a few months now. Sometimes the days would just be so warm and others were cold. But it is so expensive to run all year around. 
 I remember going up to Colorado for my nieces wedding in 1998 and it was so hot that everyone's make up was melting and our clothing was sticking to us. But my brother said that July was a anomaly and that they never had to have A/C. The next year they bought their first window unit. The next year they bought 2 more.
 I don't know how people stand this kind of humidity and heat. I have never gotten use to it. The desert was hot for sure. But it was a dry heat and I didn't sweat. It was so hot that the moisture evaporated fast. I was able to adapt to that kind of heat. At night the temps would drop down to 100 degrees and if I was outside long enough I would need a shawl or a throw or a sweater to keep the chill off sometimes when I lived in the foot hills. But here is different. It is hot and the humidity is high. I can shower and come out sweating. 

 Time to find something to eat. You all have a fabulous day and take care of yourself. I am going to try and think positive today. I have cried so much that I really need to try and do something. If the pain in my hand and wrist goes away I might color today. That would be something that I enjoy and take my mind off of things. 

 Have a great Friday..... BB

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